"Air's Rock"

Moments At The Rock (1985, 11min.)
Grand Prize Award, Thomas Edison International Film Festival
Golden Gate Prize Award, San Francisco International Film Festival
A Rock In The Light (1985/2008, 18min. Music: Haruyuki Suzuki,2008)

Takahiko iimura's Ayers Rock is an ultimate landscape film.
- Katsuhiro Yamaguchi (artist, author)

A huge isolated rock in the midst of desert in Australia: Ayers Rock.
I produced two films around this rock; however, the method of the filming are different.
The first, "Moments At The Rock," shot with an amateur video camera,
was made as a free style improvisational film.
The camera got strange halations from the strong sunshine in the desert of Australia,
and I was quite surprised by the result
which surpassed the color change caused by nature over the rock.
This film was awarded Grand Prize at the Edison International Film Festival.
In "A Rock In The Light", I requested the music of Haruyuki Suzuki, a contemporary composer.
This music is unified with the image, which is visually structured,
setting the rock at the center, along the axis of light. For the new DVD version,
I titled "Air's Rock" (T.I.)

Air's Rock, 1985-2008, DVD(NTSC), 29min. Color, sound
ISBN-13: 978-4-901181-39-6
Home use$60 (Institutional use US$250)