Real Face version, 1982, 2min,
Yellow Face version, 1998, 2min.
Multiple Face version, 1994, 2min.
Remix Face version, 1992, 1 min.
Altogether 15min.

Awards:"Rusting Ear Prize"at WRO Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw Poland. 1993 . Best Five selected at Festival mudial do Minuto, Sao Paulo (video), 1993. Dircotor's Citation Honor at Athen Film/Video Festival, Ohio, 1994. Third Place award at Short Attention Span Film/Video Festival, San Francisco, 1994. Finalists Award, New York Festival. 1995 . "Honorable Mention" Award, Columbus International Film / Video Festival, Colombus, Ohio, USA, 1996. Grand Prize, Rough and Ruined Int'l Film Festival, Vancouver.1997.

Combining the comical with the absurd, I created six funny faces to animate the images of Japanese vowels while differentiating between 'Image', 'Letter', and 'Voice'.( T.I.)

Iimura deconstructs our coherence as he shifts between the English Roman alphabet and Japanese characters, interjects spoken Japanese, and manipulates the computer images of his features. The images often take on geometical shapes, others recall the classical images from Japanese woodcuts of Samurai warrior grimace.
Robert West, Curator, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC, USA.

Screened: Grand Prize, Rough and Ruined Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada; Finalist Award,New York Festival;Edison Black Maria Film Festival, Jersey City, NJ, USA; One Minute San Paulo Festival, San Paulo, Brazil.

1994, 5 Videos, 15min., color, NTSC/Region ALL
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