"Eye For Eye, Ear For Ear"

When I came to the USA in the mid 1960s, it was the high point of the Hippie movement and the black riots. I lived in the East village in New York, which was a center of the former, and watched TV news of the latter often. These two films, Film Strips I and II, were taken from the scenes respectively, not as a documentary but as an inner report of mine, abstracted yet chaotic. (T.I.)

The best work of Iimura's middle period is characterized by increasingly formal concerns, concerns most effectively demonstrated by Film Strips I and II (1967-70). Film Strips II ... resulted in an experience which is not only interesting visually, but which is implicitly a powerful record of a painful time and a warning about the future.
- Scott MacDonald (Afterimage, April, 1978
(The author of "Critical Cinema," California Univ. Press)

1966-70/2009, 2 films, 25min. b/w, Music: Haruyuki Suzuki (2009) NTSC/Region ALL,
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