iimura creates a short self-portrait as well as brief portraits of five of his peers: Brakhage, Vanderbeek, Smith, Mekas and Warhol. In each portrait, Iimura attempts to copy the styles and traits of each artist (Vanderbeek's constantly moving camera; Mekas' experiments with film speed; Warhol's use of flashes of white against a black background), while briefly commenting on the images being shown. The film serves effectively as an introduction to the film styles of these artists.
Trent Daniel, art house/international (USA)

1966-68, 28min., color., NTSC/Region ALL
Home use : US$80. (Institutional use US$300)
Collection of Anthology Film Archives, New York.
ISBN-13: 978-4-901181-23-5
ISBN-10: 4-901181-23-8