IN THE RIVER (1969-70, 16mm, color, 12min., Sound)
SHUTTER (1971, 16mm, B&W, 30min, Music by Keijiro Satoh)"

Iimura analyzed some footage he had made in Katmandu of a man taking a bath in a sacred river[In The River]c A meditational experience is, thus, presented in a film whose minimal action and quiet pace can create meditational possibilities for viewers
-Scott MacDonald (Afterimage, April, 1978, N.Y.) .

All in all, the variety of effects Shutter creates makes for one of the more interesting of those many works of recent years which have attempted to explore the visual potential of film processes and materials.
-Scott MacDonald (Afterimage, April, 1978, N.Y.)



1969-2007, 2 Films, 42min., color&b/w, sound, NTSC/Region ALL
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