"MA / 間, A Japanese Concept"

・MA: SPACE/TIME IN THE GARDEN OF RYOAN-JI 1989, 16mm, Color, 16min. Sound)
Produced: Program for Art on Film, New York, with support from Metropolitan Museum for Art, New York, & J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles/Music: Takehisa Kosugi, Text: Arata Isozaki
THE MAKING OF <MA> IN RYOAN-JI,1989, Video, B/W & Color, 10min., Sound
MA: THE STONES HAVE MOVED,2004/2012, Video, B/W & Color, 10min., Music: Akiko Samukawa(2012),Co-produced: Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, Ca., USA
MA (INTERVALS),1977, 16mm, B&W & Color, 10min.(Auto Play), 22min.(Single Play)

Ma appears to apply itself to an infinity of cases, figures, occurrences, it comes from an elementary structural strategy that defines the ideogram's double emblem well enough, a sun in the embrasure of a door.
- Daniel Charles (John Cage interviewer and author)

Original, personal..to integrate a philosophical agenda with a visual one.
- Nadine Covert ed. Art On Screen

'Architecture' Award of UNESCO International Festival of Film on Art, 1991

Four films related to the concept of Ma, a Japanese word for space in between, and intervals of space/time inseparable. Ma is an indispensable factor of Japanese aesthetics as well as everyday life. Starting from an experimental film of the famous Zen Garden of Ryoan-ji, MA: SPACE/TIME IN THE GARDEN OF RYOAN-JI (1989), the documentary of the making of this film, THE MAKING OF <MA> IN RYOAN-JI (1989), the animation tracing the outline movements of the first film, MA: THE STONES HAVE MOVED (2004), and a totally abstract film using only four elements: a scratched line in the positive and the negative, and black and white spacings (leaders), MA (INTERVALS) (1977) (T.I.)

MA (Intervals)

1977-1989, 4 Films/Videos, 46 min., b/w & color, NTSC/Region ALL
ISBN-13: 978-4-901181-21-1
ISBN-10: 4-901181-21-1
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Collection of Smithonian Hershorn Museum, Washington D.C.