"OBSERVER/OBSERVED and Other Works of Video Semiology"

Awarded: Director's Citation Award, Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival, 1998.
Honorable Mention Award, Columbus Int'l Film & Video Festival,1998.
Flagstaff Int'l Film/Video Festival, USA, 1999. Bronze prize, New York Expo Film Festival, New York,2001.
Thaw 01 Festival, Iowa, and NAP Video Festival, N.J, 2001

Camera, Monitor, Frame(1976/1998) 8min.b/w, sound
Observer/Observed(1975/1998) 8min.b/w, sound
Observer/Observed/Observer(1976/1998) 6min.b/w, sound

This video trilogy of "Camera, Monitor, Frame", "Observer/Observed", and "Observer/Observed/Observer" creates a semiology of video as a work on video rather than a written text. Its main purpose is to study the structural relationships between video and language, in this case using the English language. I designed a system depicting the relationship between the observer and the person being observed using words such as "I" and "YOU" through a video feedback system as the basis. What concerns me is the structure of "seeing" involving both the observer and the observed through such devices as the sentence "I see you" being posited by a closed-circuit video system. This trilogy of "Camera, Monitor, Frame", "Observer/Observed", and "Observer/Observed/Observer" is a remake of my 1975-76 version; it is shorter in length, but its original concept has not been changed. The CD-Rom version is a multimedia piece with text (English & Japanese) and CG animation in addition to video. (T.I.)

1975-98, 3 Videos, 22min., B&W, NTSC/Region ALL
Produced in co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada.
Home use : US$70. (Institutional use US$300)
CD-ROM version: Home use : US$90. (Institutional use US$350)@
ISBN-13: 978-4-901181-20-4
ISBN-10: 4-901181-20-6