□"24FRAMES PER SECOND" (1975-78/2007, 16mm/dvd, b/w, 10min.35sec., sound.)
□"TIMED 1, 2, 3 (From MODELS, Reel 1)"(1972/2007,16mm/dvd, b/w,10min.15sec., ,sound)
□"ONE FRAME DURATION"(1977/2007, 16mm/dvd, b/w & color, 11min., sound.)

Time is, as it has been said by John Cage on music, the most important issue in film".
( Takahiko iimura)

In concentrating on this set of problems, often wrongly seen as 'minimalist', Iimura went much, much further than any other film artist in exploring a kind of art-science. This concern with the experience of time, its measured passage and the analogy between time and space, has been the main recurring theme at the centre of his work.
Malcolm Le Grice(The author of "Abstract Film and Beyond", MIT Press)

Both in terms of its examination of time and space, of light and darkness, of visuals and sounds; and in terms of its demands and potential rewards for an audience, 24 Frames Per second is a quintessential Iimura film. The film alternates between one-second passages during which the viewer sees one of a series of fractions and [with] one-second segments of black and clear leader. As the film progress, the fractions grow from 1/24 to 24/24. "1/24," for example, is followed by one second of film in which one frame is clear and 23 are black or[then] one is black, 23 clear.
-Scott MacDonald

My favorite section of Models - "Timed 1, 2, 3" - is a particularly effective interweaving of visuals and sounds. Visually, each section of the film is composed of 10-second spans of clear and dark leader, arranged in a progressive fashion so that at first there is more and more light and less darkness, then vice versa. During "Timed 1" a sound "bip" scratched directly onto the soundtrack is audible each second; in "Timed 2" the sounds are audible every 10 seconds; and in "Timed 3" we hear them every 100 seconds, or at the halfway point and at the end. ..All in all, the number of interesting filmic explorations in the eight section of Models makes it one of Iimura's most impressive films.
Scott MacDonald


1975-2007, 3 Films, 33min.. NTSC/Region ALL
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