"Seeing / Hearing / Speaking" - Realizing the words by Jacques Derrida

A multimedia/interactive DVD: "Seeing / Hearing / Speaking" has two partsG a new video, "Seeing/ Hearing / Speaking"(2002), and three "Other Related VideosF"Talking to Myself" (1978, revised in 2001), "Talking in New York"(1981, revised in 2001) and "Talking to Myself at PS1" (1985). The total, 33min., which may be seen continuously by clicking "Autoplay" on the menu.

Based on a sentence taken from a seminal book by the French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, "Speech and Phenomena" (translated by David B. Allison), I produced the first video "Talking to Myself" in 1978 (revised in 2001). The video was highly appreciated as "the strongest, most effective statement one could make from the work of Derrida" by Professor Allison. The sentence I quoted, that Derrida calls "phenomenological essence," appears in the translation as I hear myself at the same time that I speak. (T.I.)

A multimedia DVD/video with text, video(33min.), graphics, and animation, 2002
ISBN-13: 978-4-901181-06-8
ISBN-10: 4-901181-06-8
Home use : US $120 ( Institutional use$500)

ward: Honorable Mention, Video, NAP Video Biennial, Lehigh Valley and Berks, USA.