How To Buy DVD/CD-ROM/Catalog  


The sales are for private home usage only. The works are all copyrighted, and are forbidden to be duplicated, exhibited, or broadcasted. Institutions such as schools, libraries, and museums should apply for institutional price. All orders must contain the title, DVD/ CD-ROM (all NTSC only, no Pal) /catalog, quantity, and the price. A shipping and handling charge of US $5.00 for less than three copies($10.00 less than 6 copies) must also be added.

Only checks in United States dollars and international money orders will be accepted for payment. The bank in New York for the transfer will be instructed after initial inquiry via email. Also the payment by Paypal is accepted.

It may take a few weeks to reply though we will try to reply as soon as possible. Do not send cash at first until your order is confirmed.

Send the order via email to:
Or to the following distributors:
・NewYork:TheFilm Makers'
・San Francisco: Canyon Cinema:,
・London: Lux:
・Paris: Re-Voir:

Also available of the limited titles from
Choose, Video, then VHS, and iimura or Books for CD-ROM

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