For Purchase No.2


1970-1990, B&W/color, VHS, NTSC.

No.1 <Identity> 31 min.
NO.2 <Derrida and Phenomenology> 25 min.
No.3 <Performance> 25 min.
Each US$50. (Institutional use US$200)

Various works which pursue relationships between words and images according to individual themes as compiled and excerpted from Taka Iimura's conceptual video tapes.

Iimura is a significant and singular filmmaker, but also one of the most important 'conceptual' artists working in any medium." Malcom Le Grice, Time Out, April 1975, London.

Screened: The Kitchen, New York; Millennium, New York; Anthology Film Archives, New York; The Lux Centre, London.

"Double Identities", 1979
"Time Tunnel", 1971
"This is a camera which shoots this", 1982

1998, Hybrid for Mac/Windows.
Digital work: Kazuhiro Asai and Tacora InterMEDIA.
Home use : US$100. (Institutional use: US$400.)

An interactive CD-ROM version of the award winning video-tape which contains two pieces: (1) the title work, and (2) "A game of words which starts with the letter "A". A multimedia piece in which the player participates and manipulates.

"An example of muticulturalism,a connection of unity in diversity, in which Iimura plays",World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam.

Screened: World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam; European International Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany; Moo Media Art Festival, Helsinki; Digital Art Festival, Copenhagen.

1998, Hybrid for Mac/Windows Produced in co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff,
Canada, and Euphonic, Tokyo.
Home use: US$100. (Institutional use: US$400.)

"Iimura is at his best deconstructing and reconstructing the video apparatus. Elemental and elegant, these works confront issues of language and semiotics through forms of direct address. Incisively presented, this CD-ROM offers a new generation access to classic works of video art and theory that move through stages of repetition and ennui to the point of revelation." Peter d'Agostino, artist and professor of media arts, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Takahiko iimura:CatalogueiOrder to the artist directlyj

 Takahiko iimura, Film and Video,(English) Anthology FIilm Archives, N.Y.,1990, $50

 iimura Takahiko, Film to Video, (Japanese translated from above), Kyoto Bunka Museum, Kyoto, 1990, 10

 The Media World of Takahiko iimura, (Japanese), Kirin Plaza Ohsaka, Ohsaka, 1993,15

 From <Time> to <See You> Takahiko Iimura,iItarian/Englishj1997, $20

 meta media Takahiko iimura Media Installation,(Japanese), Tokyo Museum of Photography, TokyoA1995, $20

 takahiko iimura at the Lux, ,(English) , Lux Centre, London,1998A$15

 takahiko iimura - seeing, film et video, (French/Japanese), Jeu De Paume, Paris, 1999, $30

 Reviews of Takahiko iimura No.2, (English) Takahiko iimura Media Art Laboratory, Tokyo, 2004, $15

 The Collected Writings of Takahiko iimura, (English), Wildside Press, Rockville, MD. 20850, USA, To order visit Wildside Press


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