1970, B&W, 10min, Sound

hair, illuminated by a film projector, casts its shadow within the frame of a TV screen. The shadow, which flickers, synchronizes with the sound of white noise.(T.I.)

TIME TUNNEL(excerpt)
1971, b/w, 5min

The narrator reads the numbers shown on a TV monitor, in a counting from 10 to 1. The monitor also shows at the same time tunnel images produced by means of a closed circuit video system.(T.I.)

1973-87, b/w, 5min.Sound With Takahiko and Akiko iimura
Taka and Akiko iimura exchange vocally "I love you", "You love me", "He/She loves you,"and so on while the views of their faces shift: Front, Profile, and Back views.(T.I.)

《I See you/Myself》,《Camera 1/2 -Monitor 1/2》,《Camera 2 - Camera 1/Monitor 1/2》

" Iimura is at his best deconstructing and reconstructing the video apparatus. Elemental and elegant, these works confront issues of language and semiotics through forms of direct address. Incisively presented, this work offers a new generation access to classic works of video art and theory ."
Peter d'Agostino, professor of media arts, Temple University, Philadelphia.

MOMENTS AT THE ROCK(Video), 1984, Color, 12min., Sound
Grand Prize, Edison Black Maria International Film/Video Festival, 1986

"Very alluring...The pace of the images and sounds become hypnotic, and creates a sense of "dream time," something basic to the Aboriginal monuments itself."
Carl E. Leoffler

1985, Color, 15min., Sound With John Cage in English & Japanese

A private performance by John Cage at his home just for me realizing his "Writing For The Fifth Time Through Finnegans Wake" (by James Joice) in three ways: reading, singing, and whispering.(T.I.)

2003 、5min., color
Computer interface by Tamio Iwashima, Sound by Mitsuru Sato
With Takahiko iimura

This video deals with the perception of "seeing" including the words as "I see you," "I am seen," and "I am not seen." These words are superimposed over the pictures of a face, eyes, and a face in the frame. The video changes in quite rapid motion framewise with the occasional stills inserted.