1962, R8mm, B/W, 12min., Music Takehisa Kosugi


"Junk (1962), for example, in which surreal imagery is used effectively to dramatize the slow ecological destruction brought about by a wasteful industrialized society."
(Scott MacDonald, Anthology Film Archives, New York, 1990)

"It's a mixture of [dead]animals, pieces of [broken] furniture, industrial waste, kids playing. I didn't have in mind any of the kind of historical perspective, nor was I trying to make an ecological statement. I was showing the new landscape of our civilization. My point of view was animistic. I tried to revive those dead animals metaphorically and to give the junk new life." (Takahiko Iimura) "An Interview with Taka Iimura", Scott MacDonald, Journal of the University Film Association XXXIII,4 (Fall 1981)