A Dance Party in The Kingdom of Lilliput

1964, 16mm, B&W, 12min., Sound


"A surper-real comedy with Sho Kazakura. The film is divided in to a number of very short scenes or chapters, each with a title <A,B,C> at random. we see him lame in a crowd, see him running up stairs, see him absolutely naked, watch him urinate, etc. An anthology of discontinuous happenings and events." (T.I.)

"(The film) is related more to 'structuralist' films, the image of a naked man being presented as chapters; the sequence is like moving stills, or short statements conveyed by mean of gestures. Each sequence is preceded by a title. Just as a concrete poem consists of words grouped together according to sound, and not necessarily according to meaning, so in this film the image are grouped together according to how to look and not necessarily according to what they meean. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call what are generally known as 'structural' films 'concrete'."
Stephen Dowskin, Film Is, 1975

"The movie may well be one of the first 'Conceptual' film ever made anywhere in the world. It was a rather slow, but clerly defined daily motions of Kazakura, a mysterious underground figure of Japan, who is still unknow in Tokyo, yet has a strange presence in his remote area of Japan, KYUSYU island."
Nam June Paik, 1987