On Eye Rape

1962, 16mm, B&W, 10min., Silent


"The second film (ON EYE RAPE) was made with footage I picked out of some trash. It was originally an educational film which recorded a plant growing out of the ground. The content isn't important. I punched almost all the frames with a puncher. I made big holes so that when it was projected, people could barely see what was originally in the frames. I didn't punch every frame; there was a lot of flicker from the holes. People got very annoyed and complained. They were afraid they would get hurt by the light. That film was called, in English, On Eye Rape(1962). In fact, I had also inserted (a few frames of)*some porno shots. Pornography was forbidden in Japan; It's still forbidden...."

"An Interview with Taka Iimura", Scott MacDonald, Journal of The University Film Association XXXIII, 4 (Fall 1981)

*ps.This is in fact subliminal shots against censorship.