MA: SPACE/TIME IN THE GARDEN OF RYOAN-JI  "MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji" was commissioned by the Program for Art on Film (PAF), a New York organization co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Getty Foundation, which produces and distributes films on art. The film was completed as a joint work by Takahiko iimura and Arata Isozaki. The main credits are: directed by Takahiko iimura, text by Arata Isozaki, music by Takehisa Kosugi, and was produced in 16mm film (also a video version), 16min., color.  Japanese


The garden is a medium
 for meditation
Perceive the blankness
Listen to the voice of the    silence
Imagine the void filled

Swallow this garden
Let it swallow you
Become one with it
Perceive not the objects
but the distance
between them
not the sounds
but the pauses
they leave unfilled
Are the rocks placed
on the ground
the islands of paradise
is the white sand the
vast ocean
that distances them
from this world
Originaly, the word MA was used to define a distance between two points or two sounds. As a result, more importance became attached to the emptiness or silence-the space between-than to a thing or sound itself. This concept of `time equals space` is fundamental to the arts of Japan. Takahiko Iimura and Arata Isozaki top

A Note for "MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji," Takahiko iimura

"Bringing The Ryoan-Ji To The Screen," Daniel Charles

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